April 27th, 2009

The Watsontown Assembly of Artisans, Order of Mutual Protection was established on June 1, 1899 with the following officers being elected: E.L. Housel, Master Artisan; J.C. Fowler, Superintendent; W.A. Nicely, Inspector; Rev. Mullen, Recorder; W.L. Weidenheimer, Cashier; Dr. Hummel, Medical Examiner; and M.S. High, U.S.G. Peiffer, T.K. Smith, Trustees. The national organization began in Erie, PA in 1873 as a beneficial society embracing improved death benefits to its members. The presiding officer of the AOMP was the Master Artisan assisted by a Senior Master of Ceremonies and a Junior Master of Ceremonies. The insignia of AOMP was the square, circle and triangle – the equal sides of the square teach us that all men are equal before God and the right angles admonish us to observe the stricktest rule of right and truth in all our dealings; the circle, symbol of eternity, teaches that there is but one God who is without beginning of days or ending of years; and the triangle reminds us of our duty to our God, our fellowmen and ourselves and trypifies the three cardinal virtues, faith, hope, charity.

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