Class of 2006

July 11th, 2010

President: Neal W. Diehl
Vice President: Jillette L. Andrews
Secretary: Susan L. Wade
Treasurer: Ashley E. Brouse
Historian: Elizabeth A. Appleman
Class Advisors:
Graduation Date: Friday, June 2, 2006
Number of Class Members: 125
Valedictorian: Rachel L. Procopio, “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”
Salutatorian: Norah M. Shipman, “A New Starting Line”
Class Colors: Silver and Royal Blue
Class Flower: Cala Lily
Class Song: The Times They Are A Changing by Bob Dylan
Class Quote: “We’ll either find a way or make our own.” ~ anonymous
Orlando Acosta, Chelsea J. Adams, Sabrina Agines, Jonathan E. Albright, Brandi N. Anderson, Joshua L. Andricak, Jason T. Applegate, Anise G. Azinger, Christine L. Balliet, Melissa L. Baylor, Tabatha S. Benfer, Anthony L. Bishop, Amanda S. Bixler, Amanda S. Bobb, Lauren M. Bowersox, Justin A. Brouse, Timothy S. Brown, Ryan C. Buck, Kendra L. Burrell, Jeffrey P. Byerly Jr., Scott M. Campbell, Alison Carney, Kayla M. Cotner, Cassi R. Criswell, Brandy R. Curry, Samantha Jo Deangelo, Andrew W. Derr, Jeramie F. Dimm, Amanda L. Doane, Joshua E. Dreisbach, Erika C. Eisley, Lisa L. Ernst, Erin K. Fairchild, Merissa L. Ferrar, Andrew Sheridan Folk, Adryan K. Foresman, Kevin E. Forney, Hannah M. Foster, Jason M. Foust, Samantha J. Foust, Cody J. Fowler, Jacob R. French, Caitlyn M. Frey, Jason T.D. Gauger, Christian G. Golfieri, Jason T. Guffey, Doug E. Guthrie, Gregory R. Haas, Ashley L. Harris, Gary A. Heater, Tiffany K. Hendershot, John I. Hertzler, Maggen N. Hess, Cody R. Hickman, Jacob T. Hiller, Melissa J. Holland, Tracy M. Hollenbach, Corey A. Hughes, Jeffery D. Hursh II, Sabrina K. Jacobs, Brooke A. Jenkins, Anthony R. Joe, Emily S. Jones, Cody D. Kapp, Amber L. Kerstetter, Alex C. King, Joshua R. King, Brandi R. Knopp, Shannon L. Knorr, Micah D. Koch, Matthew J. Lopez, Katelyn A. Mausteller, Brian C. McAndrew, Kathryn M. McCarty, Samuel J. McWilliams, Ruben T. Medina, Cale R. Michael, David C. Miller, Bethany E. Mitterling, Adam J. Moore, Jennifer A. Mordan, Heather A. Nelson, Emily T. Notarangelo, David L. Nugent, Christopher D. Oakes, Raymond A. Oberdorf, Brent M. Pfleegor, Rachel L. Procopio, Thomas J. Reber, Lindsey N. Reynolds, Theodore C. Reynolds, Jesse M. Riddle, Tiffinay L. Rishel, Kevin J. Rooker, Kurtis L. Rooker, Courtney J. Ruel, Brittany D. Russell, Justin S. Satteson, Ashley E. Shearer, Norah M. Shipman, Chelsie M. Shreck, Beth A. Snoddy, Mark A. Snyder, Michael C. Snyder, Samantha A. Stahlnecker, Kyle P. Steese, Nathan R. Talhelm, Jonathan R. Todor, Kristen L. Tubbs, Samantha A. Vitolo, Adam G. Waltz, Andrew C. Waltz, Justin L. Waycaster, Michael J. Wertman, Jesse M. West, Eric D. White, Dustin E. Williams, Neil E. Yarish Jr., Stephanie A. Young, Jace A. Zaler

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