Council Officers

October 4th, 2007

David Kline1894-95; 1897Emil Moritz1934-35
Wm. Bly1896James C. Bryson1936-39
J.H. Wagner1898-99Harry C. Thornton1940-51
J.C. Fowler1900Hall Williams1952-57
W.C. Brimmer1901-02Wilbur L. Ritter, Jr.1958-59
Jas. M. Montgomery1903W.H. Beisel1960-63
D.H. Keim1904Chester G. Hall1964-67
James B. Cooner1905Donald O. Gross1968-69
John Kline1906Walter H. Guthrie1970-71; 1984-89
W.H. Trick1907Robert Yannaccone1972-75
C.E. Werner1908Roy W. Moltz1976 *
Harry R. Slifer1909Diane Dawson1976-79
David H. Keim1910-11; 1918-19A. LaRue Plotts1980-81
Wm. H. Gold1912-13Jane F. Houser1982-83
E.H. Hilliard1914-15Robert H. Foust1990-91
Curtis Hester1916-17; 1920-21Eugene Benfer1992-95
Frank E. Kear1922-23Charles E. Allison1996-99
Charles F. Sheffer1924-25Shirley Dieffenderfer2000-01
H.W. Rombach1926-27Harriet Miller2002-
Chas. W. Boughter1928-29
G. DeLa Wolfe1930-31
Maynard F. Huhn1932-33
Dan C. Hogue1867; 1880-82George H. Shannon1891
Thomas Carl1868John H. Keller1892-95
John S. Heffner1869E.D. Deitrick1896; 1903
Silas Rambach1870-72William A. Nicely1897; 1900-02; 1904-05; 1912-33
George Burns1873-75Thompson Bower1898-99
Isaac N. Messinger1876F.E. Kirk1906-11
John F. Meckley1877-79Fred C. Huffman1934-41
Fred H. Knight1883-84George Fairchild1942-43
George W. Hess1885-86J. Nyce Patterson1944-45; 1948-49
J.G. Bower1887-89Aaron S. Hassinger1946-47; 1950-51
E.L. Matchin1890
Cyrus O. Bachman1867-68; 1871-72Wm. H. Russell1898-99
Henry K. Witman1869Harry R. Slifer1905-06
Wm. M. Wagner1870Nathaniel H. Burrows1907-22; 1934-35
Jacob S. Crossley1873Fred C. Huffman1922
Thomas H. Kisner1874-78; 1900-04Emil Moritz1922-24
James M. Roads1879G.W. Radel1924-1927
Wm. Field Shay1880; 1883-88J. Nyce Patterson1928-33
Dr. John F. McClure1881-82Harold R. Keim1936-39
Wm. A. Durham1889William S. Savidge1940-57
Chas. B. McLain1890J.G. Joseph1957-
Wm. T. McKean1891Jay Gregg-1965
A.H. Cooner1892-93Barbara Hyde1965-96
Jewett C. Fowler1894-95Sherry Dyer1996-99
A.L. Hilliard1896-97Edie Moser1999-
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