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The Warrior Run Royal Arch Chapter, No. 246 was instituted on May 9, 1874, with the following charter members: Robert B. Claxton, Oscar Foust, James Taylor, Jacob H. Wagner, John R. Cooner, Fred H. Knight, R. Curry McWilliams, and Henry F. Bailey. The first officers were Robert B. Claxton, Jr., most excellent high priest; Oscar Foust, king; James Taylor, scribe; Frederick H. Knight, secretary; and Jacob H. Wagner, treasurer. The Chapter asked permission to meet in the Masonic Lodge and permission was granted at the cost of $50 per year.

High Priests
Robert B. Claxton1874William R. Burchfield1923L. Eugene Pauling1972
Oscar Foust1875Frank E. Kear1924Bly E. Eddinger1973
James Taylor1876Clarence R. Stout1925Marlin L. Plymette1974
Frederick H. Knight1877Herbert C. Harman1926David T. Dewalt1975
Jacob H. Wagner1878Earl W. Trick19271976
Wm. Field Shay1879Lawrence A. Henderson1928Wilmer E. Hall1977
Wm. Field Shay1880Sterling R. Decker1929R. Eugene Dewalt1978
Austin Stull1881Wm. Marsh Lantz19301979
Samuel B. Morgan1882Cornelius L. Tupper1931William K. Kahler1980
Phineas Leiser1883Twain L. Brewer1932Wayne T. Spring1981
John F. McClure1884J. Heistand Harnish19331982
Robert Buck1885Benjamin F. Delaney1934Wayne O. Burley1983
James M. Rhoads1886W. Dean McFarland19351984
Thomas S. Wilson1887Edmund Shollenberger1936Charles R. Burrows, Jr.1985
Frederick A. Reen1888Guy L. Young1937Richard L. Van Horn1986
David H. Detz1889Frank H. Miller1938Jeffrey L. Kuntz1987
James B. Oakes1890Charles A. Nicely1939Donald E. Weaver1988
William A. Durham1891Lloyd G. Miller1940Tenner S. Moore, Jr.1989
George P. Straub1892Kenneth L. Preisler1941James M. Evans1990
James H. Smith1893Paul W. Brosious1942William L. Bryan1991
William B. Reed1894Robert D. Pysher1943Martin G. Williams1992
Jeremiah W. Zeller1895Archie G. Sprout1944Gary E. Truckenmiller1993
William A. Nicely1896James F. Smith1945Harry C. Newman, Sr.1994
Fowler Lyons1897David T. Dewalt1946George E. Meck1995
Edgar L. Housel1898Charles A. Sypher1947Bela R. Suranyi1996
Robert E. Hopkins1899Howard H. Cary19481997
William E. Hawley1900Abram H. Childs1949Clayton L. Newcomer1998
Albert H. Haust1901Leon C. Myers1950Donald O. Erdley, Jr.1999
James O. Shearer1902Chester G. Hall1951Kenneth W. McClintock2000
William G. Fetter1903John Anderson1952James L. Houseknecht, Jr.2001
Edward B. Truckenmiller1904George N. Boughter, Jr.1953Larry E. Maynard2002
J. Herbert Fetter1905Albert M. Frantz1954Edward A. DeParasis2003
Frank R. Slifer1906Harold E. Pysher1955William E. Smedley2004
M. Yoder Leinbach1907Guy L. Young, Jr.1956Patrick N. Maynard2005
Ward W. Welsh1908Roland H. Bartlow1957Gary L. Bennett2006
George B. Frederick1909George C. Smith1958John E. Shoop2007
Frederic A. Godcharles1910Leon C. Myers, Jr.1959Gerald D. Wagner2008
Harry R. Slifer1911John R. Burchfield1960Allen L. Smith2009
William B. Godcharles1912Claude F. Wanish19612010
William G. Murdock1913Elmer C. Long19622011
Lee Dentler1914John A. Yagel19632012
Frederick M. Sprout1915Gordon M. Whipple19642013
William Curtis Wagner1916Lloyd W. Baysore19652014
Roland E. Crist1917William O. Hall19662015
Fred S. Waldron1918Albert L. Morehart19672016
Samuel C. Klapp1919Henry E. Bower, Jr.19682017
Samuel B. Henderson1920Stanley Houseknecht19692018
William E. Schnee1921Jay F. Peck19702019
Fred H. Housel1922James C. Young19712020

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