Watsontown C.M.A.

October 3rd, 2007

The Christian Missionary Alliance Church, North Watsontown, was established as an organization on April 16, 1944. Prior to that time, it was an extension work of the West End Gospel Tabernacle of Williamsport.

A group met for a number of years in a rented building on North Eighth Street, Watsontown. Property was purchased on Matthew Street just north of the borough line and a small church was erected on this site in 1947. The Reverend Paul K. Schuler, presently pastor of the C.&M. A. Church in Shamokin, was the first ordained pastor, and under his ministry, the church expanded its facilities.

Following his ministry, the Reverend James L. Stahl pastored from 1954 to 1958, The Reverend Robert Reese pastored the church from 1958 to 1961, and during this time a new parsonage was built next to the church.

The Reverend Bruce W. Stutzman, present pastor, began his ministry on August 1, 1961. The present Sunday School enrollment is 120 with approximately 90 attending morning worship services. Services are also conducted regularly on Sunday evening, and prayer meeting is held weekly on Wednesday night. There is a departmentalized Sunday school and Alliance Youth Fellowship.

With missionary endeavor as a strong emphasis in the church program, the church conducts an annual missionary convention and presently contributes more than $3,000 per year to its world-wide missionary program. Plans for the future include the erection of a new church edifice on the newly acquired property located one mile northeast of the present church.

Paul K. Schuler1947-1954Bruce W. Stutzman1961-?
James L. Stahl1954-1958Donald Jones2000-
Robert Reese1958-1961

[The Milton Standard, August 11, 1967, pg 43, 45]

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  1. Kasi Pick Says:

    The current pastor is actually Donald Jones. I go to church here and have never heard of Stutzman.

    The cool thing that I found is that the church was established on my birthday!

    Comment by James Robison: Thank you Kasi – Yes, I was aware that Donald Jones was pastor of C.M.A. and had contacted the church office to update the church’s history, but got no response – often times when a church celebrates an anniversary or special event in the life of the church there is a brief history written, if you would have access to something like that and would be willing to share it, it would be most helpful. Or if you speak with you pastor, he may have the information that would bring this portion of the history upto date.

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