Korean Conflict

February 13th, 2012


At the end of World War II, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel into Soviet (North Korean) and US (South Korean) zones of occupation. In 1948 rival governments were established: The Republic of Korea was proclaimed in the South and the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea in the North. Relations between these two countries became increasingly strained, and on June 25, 1950, North Korean forces invaded South Korea. The United Nations quickly condemned the invasion as an act of aggression, demanded the withdrawal of North Korean troops from the South, and called upon its members to aid South Korea. On June 27, 1950, United States President Harry S Truman authorized the use of American land, sea and air forces in Korea, a week later, the United Nations placed the forces of 15 other member nations under United States command, and Truman appointed Gen. Douglas MacArthur supreme commander. The conflict ended with an armistice agreement signed July 27, 1953. Casualties in the war were heavy. United States losses were placed at over 54, 000 dead and 103,000 wounded, while Chinese and Korean casualties were each at least 10 times as high.

Recruitment practices and the enlistment of men and women into the armed forces had changed by the 1950s, and there were no longer large groups from a particular region or area who mustered into service on the same date or in the same regiment. Because of these changes, it is very difficult to ascertain the names of service men and women from the Watsontown area who served during the most recent conflicts. Therefore, in an attempt to preserve the names of those from the Watsontown vicinity who served in the military during the Korean War, the following is only a partial list submitted by those who have served or by their family members.
Donald G. Ale                William C. Aunkst             Freeman L. Auten
Walter S. Baker               Edward M. Benfer             Richard S. Bower               Russell G. Brungard
Robert B. Barnwell         Wayne W. Benfer              William C. Bredbenner      Richard Bryson
Dartt M. Becker              Richard L. Benshoff          Ray A. Brungard                Dale E. Bush
Edward I. Childs             William I. Connor              Harold R. Crawford           Charles A. Cunningham
Orrin G. Cocks, III          William E. Cranmer           Eugene K. Culp
William F. Deitrick         H. James Derr                    William Devitt III               Grier R. Donachy    
Richard S. Felix              Randolph L. Follmer          Richard A. Frederick         LeRoy Frontz, Jr.
Donley G. Fisher            Marvin E. Frederick           Ira H. Frontz, Jr.
Harmon W. Gair             Theodore E. Geiger            Paul E. Greiner*                Jacob N. Gresh
Paul E. Greiner* 1952 or 1953 in Spokane Washington in car accident
Gene N. Hoffman           James L. Holmes               Kenneth L. Houser            Wayne M. Houser
Glenn S. Keefer              Marvin R. King                  Eugene R. Kurtz
F. Derl Laidacker            George E. Leech                Paul L. Linn                       Glenn E. Long
George D. Mabus            Jean Savidge McCollin      James W. Miller                 James D. Mosser
Carl M. McCallum, Jr.    Donald G. McCormick      Denzil K. Moll                   Carl E. Mutschler
Harold E. McCollin         Robert S. McCormick        Sterling K. Moll                 Russell Myers, Jr.
David N. Newbury         Leamon L. Nuss
Frederick H. Patterson    Layman L. Phillips             Richard L. Plotts
Ralph G. Ranck              Marlin R. Reese                 Harold E. Rhone
Thomas R. Reed             Monroe C. Reese               Charles A. Roth, Jr.
Dale E. Schooley            Robert E. Schooley            Charles R. Smith
James M. Schooley         Joseph W. Shaw                Robert C. Stahlnecker
David R. Taylor              William H. Taylor              Earl B. Truckenmiller
William E. Taylor, Jr.      Marlin A. Thomas              Ray L. Tyson
Jay H. Wagner                Dale L. Wertman               Gerald W. Wright
William F. Wagner, Jr.    Glenn R. Wertman             Robert D. Wright
Donald E. Weaver          Robert B. Wertman            Frederick C. Wuestner
Ruth H. Yost                   William Yost                      James C. Young, Jr.           Randall M. Young
Harold L. Zarr
John Zettlemoyer
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  1. Pauline Aunkst Turner Says:

    William Charles Aunkst died in a car accident July 1963 on road between Watsontown and Milton, Pa

  2. C Jean Umstead Thompson Says:

    My Maternal Uncle;
    Benjamin Max Patterson was called up in 1952 and served in Korea. I have photos of that time. Not too sure if I have other docu- mentation. I remem-
    her he was living with our family in Norris-
    town,Pa when he left

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