West End Democrats

April 28th, 2009

The West End Democratic Club was organized on October 11, 1954 when the members of the Watsontown Area Democratic Committee called a meeting of concerned Democrats who were willing to work together in order to support George M. Leader�s bid for governor of Pennsylvania. The first officers were elected that evening and were: Carl Stevens, Jr., president; James W. Frederick, vice president; Robert Swope, secretary; and Lloyd Baysore, treasurer. Membership dues were set at $1.00 and within the first year, the club grew to ninety-seven members. These members as well as others who joined the organization helped change the political makeup of the northern end of Northumberland County through solicating voters for the Democratic party and giving voice to concerns in this section of the county. Charter members included: James Armstrong, S. Luke Auker, Daniel Aunkst, Clair Barto, William Batdorf, Lloyd Baysore, M. Beagle, Charles R. Burrows, Richard Burrows, Eugene K. Bower, John K. Bower, Derl Conner, Kenneth Conner, Donald C. Cooper, Williard Corderman, Paul Craven, Elmer Cromley, Paul Cronrath, Harry L. Derr, Lester E. Derr, Ralph S. Doebler, Elmer Enterline, John Ferguson, Bert Fogelman, Otho Folk, Lawrence Foresman, James Frederick, Hoyt Glaze, Bruce Gold, Earl L. Gresh, Jr., Earl Gresh, Sr., Frank Gresh, Clarence E. Groover, Joseph Holcomb, Cloyd Huff, William Keiser, Clarence Kirkner, Richard Klapp, Donley T. Kramm, Thomas S. Kramm, Calvin Kunkle, Lloyd Laidacker, Robert Laidacker, Albert R. Leech, Homer Leiby, Charles Levan, Earl Lose, Robert Martin, Dean McFarland, Roy C. McWilliams, Calvin Menges, Clare L. Menges, Cyril Menges, Robert Mincemoyer, Charles Moll, Frank B. Moore, George Murray, Roy Murray, Williard Murray, Alvin R. Oakes, F. Dale Oakes, Hunter Phillips, William L. Raup, Cleon Reese, Earl Reynolds, Roy Reynolds, C. Eugene Rovenolt, Calvin Rovenolt, Glenn Rovenolt, Leroy Rovenolt, Milford Rovenolt, Seidel Rovenolt, John H. Schell, E.O. Seaman, Harry Shell, Chester A. Smith, George Smith, James Smith, Ralph L. Smith, Raymond Smith, Emerson Snyder, Carl Stevens, M.W. Stover, Wilbur Strouse, Robert B. Swope, Edward Szutowicz, Lewis Tyson, George Weaver, Curt Webb, William Welliver, George Wertman, Lawrence Wilson, Oakley A. Womer, Herbert W. Yerg, Kenneth Yerg, Lewis M. Yerg, Walter T. Zarr.

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