Class of 1976

July 11th, 2010

President: Chris Stanley Biddle
Vice President: Gary Lee Plymette
Secretary: Karen Sue Chambers
Treasurer: Lesly Beth Barr
Class Advisors: William E. Corson
Graduation Date: Wednesday, May 26, 1976
Number of Class Members: 179
Class Colors: Baby Blue and Navy Blue
Class Flower: White Rose
Class Song: Your Song by Elton John
Anna Kay Aikey, Kimberly Jean Aikey, Cathy Jean Arnold, Richard Lloyd Aunkst, Paul Anthony Baker Jr., John Franklin Barlett, Patricia Elaine Barnwell, Betty Marie Bartlow, Stuart Dan Bastian, Paulette Kay Beaver, Teresa Ann Beaver, Candyce Lynne Beck, Keith Daniel Beck, Terri Lutreca Bieber, Donna Kay Bigger, Eric Jay Boatwright, Forrest Newton Boob, Jay K. Bortz, Susanna Bell Boughter, Timothy Scott Bower, Cindy Lee Bowersox, Cynthia Eliane Bradford, Frances Eleanor Brooks, Brenton Scott Buckwalter, Cathy Ann Callenberger, Zulma Reineria Carballar, Douglas Kent Clemens, Ruth Ellen Conard, Jodi Lin Cooper, Kathy Jean Felix Cotner, Linda Kathryn Coup, Lorrie K Crawford, Patti Sue Criswell, Dale Lester Deem, Anna-Mae Delcamp, Timothy J. Dennen, Laura May Derr, Vicki Marie Derr, Dennis Gene Dewalt, Jeffrey Allan Diggan, J. Fredrick Duck, Lucinda Ellen Duck, Deborah Mae Elliott, Foster Harvey Ellis, Karen Sue Whitmoyer Ellis, Stephen Craig Ellis, Rebecca Sue Eyster, David Arthur Farley, Lynn Kay Fenstermaker, Dawn Marie Fisher, Cindy Beachel Flora, Mildred Jane Foresman, Shelly Anne Fornwalt, Gregory Robert Funk, Deborah Kay Gardner, Judy Ann Gray, Deb Kay Gresh, Charles Richard Guthrie Jr., Stacey Jean Hackenberg, Gail Marie Hall, Rick L. Hans, Pauline Susan Harmon, Teresa Kaye Harris, Ricky Dale Harrison, Dennis William Hartranft, Gary Wayne Hendershot, Bonita Christine Herr, Rinda Michelle Hoffman, Barbara Jane Hollenbach, Kjetil Horgmo, Karen Yvonne Houser, Thomas Wayne Houser, Victoria Beth Huffman, David Lewis Hughes, Valerie Ring Hughes, Floyd Elwood Hulsizer Jr., Kevin Long Johnson, Molly Dee Keefer, Dave Wayne Kirkner, Clinton Earl Knopp, Paul Dennis Landis, Zane Steven Leighow, Nora Ellen Levy, Glenda Lee Long, Kim Edward Lorah, Michael Scott Marr, Susan Elaine Matter, Louella Jean McCarty, Max Merlin McCarty, Wanda P. McCollin, Larry Dean Meixel, Brenda Lee Metzger, Dennis H. Metzger, Richard Wayne Metzger, Larry Lain Michael, Kathy M. Mitterling, Jeffrey Allen Moore, Holly Mae Morgan, Ronnie Clifford Morgan, Carl Vernon Mosser, Brenda Kay Moyer, Susan Elizabeth Murray, Patti Ann Mutschler, Jeffrey Lynn Myers, Beverly Lee Newcomer, Diane Louise Nicholas, Richard Donald Osman, Jeffrey Lynn Paul, Barry Pentz, Keith Robert Pfleegor, Eugene Brady Phillips, Nancy Jean Phillips, Stephanie Louise Phillips, Kenneth Frank Printzenhoff, John Paul Prokop Jr., Patricia Lynn Pulsifer, Patrick Pulsifer, Sue E. Ranck, Karen Ann Raup, Linda Kaye Raup, Robert Edward Raup II, Daniel J. Reed, Janet Elaine Reed, Gary Lee Reese, David Eugene Reynolds, Rodney Jay Rice, Barbara Jean Robbins, Juanita Jean Robbins, Stephanie Louise Russell, Cheryl Lee Sampsell, Craig Eugene Sampsell, Tina Louise Sampsell, Judy Lee Schaeffer, Dorothy Marguerite Schooley, Candy Lee Sellard, Steven Walter Shaffer, Lawrence Larue Sheatler, Michael Jay Sherman, Cheryl Houseknecht Smith, David Roscoe Smith, Jeffrey Paul Smith, T. Lamar Snader, Jay Russell Snoddy, Keith Richard Snook, Donna Kay Snyder, Gary Stephen Snyder, Harvey Ardell Snyder Jr., Mae Irene Snyder, Paul Thomas Snyder, Wanda Lou Snyder, Linda Kay Sones, Keith LeRoy Stackhouse, Kenneth C. Stahlnecker, Mark Eugene Stepp, Clayton Harold Swartz, Dennis Eugene Swartz, Terrence Lee Tyson, Sharon Lynn Umpstead, Dennis John Wallace, Myron Lee Watson, Julie Ann Weaver, Perry Jay Webb, Bonnie Sue Weigold, Gerald Pierce Werner, Beth Ann Wertman, Terry Eugene Wertman, Dana Keith Wilt, James David Wolfe, Lori Ann Wright, Michael Charles Wynn, Shelene Louise Yantz, Bea Jo Yerg, Victor Francis Yordy, Deborah Dee Yost, David Scott Zimmerman


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  1. Floyd Hulsizer Jr. Says:

    When life is new and inexperience is part of our resume. We look to the future with eagerness. It’s not long before our resume is updated with life’s experiences and bruises that can come our way. But we learn and many of our sharp edge’s are rounded and we become Mother’s and Father’s and we are those that teach and advise the next generation. The process is one that continues through all generations. We warn and care as our children go their own way as we see them wide eyed and full of the {That know it all attitude}that all are equipped at the lovely age. As we smile when we aren’t being noticed, of days that we carried that same lovely attitude admitting it or not to some degree{I put that in there for those who have not yet been honest with themselves.}As they teach their Children our Grandchildren we see the process continue and then we can smile with a heart of joy and of a feeling that we have done the best we could do. Then as we take a breath and that once a know it all teenager that once looked at life with eagerness and waiting for time to go bye.Now we look back and “say where has time gone”.Some have left, way too early and we miss them and some know the pain of losing their spouse and our prayers are with them and some have lost their Children and none of us want to ever know that pain and yet some have and our prayers and thoughts are with them.As we stood in this community in various places. We made our plans and today we see the plans of those we taught unfold for them now. The lay of the land has changed around here very little has stayed the same and for many their children had to find a new place to call home, because of their career choices lead them to more urban area’s where the jobs are. As age has tapped me on the shoulder to remind me know that its there. I started to look around and see where I have been and saw what I have done with my life. I think its a great thing to do.You may be surprised on what you have done and what you have to offer this world. The education that we received from life wasn’t free some of those lessons hurt and some were easier ,but none were free. To share of yourself can be great thing for you and others alike. You know I can remember of many of the older generations before us saying when we lived in the good old days we walked to school etc…. we must exempt the walk to school up hill both ways story.{ Just between you and I. I think they used that as a excuse to be late} They spoke of their good old days,I would say this I agree,I think that We truly lived in the GOOD OLD DAYS!

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