October 3rd, 2007

We, the people of the Borough of Watsontown, in the County of Northumberland, PA, ordain and establish this constitution for its government.
Section 1
The municipal power shall be vested in a Cheif Burgess, five Councilmen, six School Directors, two Overseers of the Poor, one High Constable, one Borough Constable, two Justices of the Peace, three Auditors, one Judge of Elections, two Inspectors of Elections, one Assessor and two Assistant Assesors when required by the laws of this Commonwealth.
Section 2
The Chief Burgess shall be president of the Council by virtue of his office, and shall have the casting vote on all questions when the Council shall be equally divided.
He shall call all meetings of Council, at least once a month, by written or printed notices, to be served on the Councilmen by the High Constable, whose pay shall be determined for such service by the Council from time to time, whenever it shall be deemed necessary.
Section 3
It shall be the duty of the Council to appoint one street commissioner to perform such work on our public highways, alleys, etc, as is ordered by the Council, and under their supervision. His compensation shall be determined by the Council.
Section 4
The Council shall appoint a Treasurer and Secretary, and determine their percentage or salary.
Section 5
All officers shall serve in their respective offices to which they have been elected or appointed until their successors shall have been elected or appointed.
Resignations, however, shall be received and action taken thereon.
Section 6
It shall be the duty of the Council to levy such tax or taxes over which they have jurisdiction, and to appoint a collector for the same.
Section 7
Good and sufficient security, by bond or otherwise, shall be taken by Council from all officers over whom they have jurisdiciton for the faithful discharge of their duties.
Section 8
No compensation shall be allowed to either the Chief Burgess or Councilmen for ordinary services. In cases where absolute expenses are incurred in official duties, such expenses shall be allowed by Council and paid out of the treasury.
Section 9
Re-election of officers of the corporate bodies (where they do not conflict with the laws of this commonwealth) shall be valid.
Section 10
A majority of the Council shall constitute a quorum.
Section 11
In all cases of absence or inablitlity of the Cheif Burgess, any member of the Council, by a vote of that body, shall be empowered to act as Burgess, in accordance with the laws governing boroughs.
Section 12
No person shall be eligible to hold any corporate office, or to vote at any corporate election, who shall not have been a resident of the Borough at least six months preceding such election and shall have paid a borough tax within one year, provided such tax has been levied. Other qualifications of an elector to be governed by the general election laws of this commonwealth.
Section 13
It shall be the duty of the Borough Auditors to audit and settle the borough accounts annually on the first day of January, and publish the same in one newspaper published in the county.
Section 14
It shall be the duty of the Cheif Burgess and Council to accept the powers granted by the general borough laws of this commonwealth, and to use these powers and privileges wherever and whenever they are deemed necessary.
Section 15
A two-thirds vote of Council is required to change or amend this constitution.

Adopted by the Burgess and Town Council of Watsontown this 11th day of December, A.D.

Joseph Hollopeter, Burgess
Thomas Carl, Council
Frederick Witman, Council
C.O. Bachman, Council
John Bly, Council
D.C. Hogue, Council
D.C. Hogue, Sec’y pro tem

[First Minute Book 1867-1888, Watsontown Borough Council, pages 5-7]

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