Class of 1938

May 8th, 2009

Mary Louise AunkstGeorge L. GoldMaurice Clayton Rhone
Loretta Mae BakerWarren E. HartleyEvelyn S. Share
Thelma B. BallietLola Marie LaidackerMarion E. Shoalts
Betty June BaylorMiriam L. LaidackerLucille Emily Shuman
Lois C. BowmanFred S. McCormickGrace E. Werntz
Raymond C. BrownRaymond F. McCormickHelen E. Wertman
Eleanor Jane DatesmanJosephine Florence MoserConstance May Whitmoyer
Betty Louise DeitrickRalph E. MoserLaura M. Whitmoyer
Robert Y. EderMary Adele NarberC. Robert Wright
Kenneth R. FairchildEsther Graham NicelyRichard J. Wright
Ned Dunkle FairchildLinabelle NicelyGrace G. Yoder
Fred J. FisherDora Mae NicholasJohn Alfred Young
Thelma T. FrantzThelma Ruth Ranck
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