Census Records

October 3rd, 2007

The following Federal Census Records have been typed and alphabetized for easy and quick reference. Due to difficulties in deciphering, misspellings and human error, these records should not be considered the final word in research, but only a means to guide the serious genealogist and researcher to the actual records making their search more legitimate.

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  1. Carol Leach Says:

    Do you have plans to transcribe the 1930 Census?

    Comment by James Robison: Yes, I do plan on it and the 1940 as well when it comes out in two years – have started the 1930 census, but as usual – life has taken its own twists and turns – hope to have it completed by the end of the summer

  2. Loraine Messick Schoenfield Says:

    My grandfather Charles Adolf Messick was recorded (family bible) to have been born in Watsontown, PA in 1882 to William & Laura Messick. Census records in This website shows no Messicks near that time frame. Would you know where else I might find Watsontown records for this time period?

    Thank you so much

    Comment by James Robison: According to Laura Jane Messick’s death certificate, she was born in Milton, PA on February 21, 1858 to Peter and Catherine (Shoemaker) Smith and was the widow of William Messick so it is plausible that Charles could have been born in Watsontown, PA; Unfortunately I know of no other records for Watsontown at that time

  3. Chyna Williamson Says:

    Hello, I am the great great great great granddaughter of Benjamin and Margaret Williamson of Lycoming county. I am trying to find out where Benjamin Williamson was born and who his parents were.

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