Memorial Park

October 3rd, 2007

Park promoters banded together in 1906 to have the grounds developed as a pleasant place for ball games and Sunday afternoon strolls. The group included Seamer J. Wolfe, Mrs. Nelle Saxton Bly, Miss Vera M. Baker, Mrs. Anna Shook Wenner, Mrs. Bruna Sprole Wieden, Mrs. Mildred Brimmer Bennett, Mrs. Ethal Shannon McWilliams, Miss Alma Wolfe, Raymond Boughter, Mrs. Helen Gold McDermott, Dr. Sarah Deitrick, Mrs. Aletta Brimmer Sterner and Fred Sprole.

A Park Commission was eventually organized to carry the considerable task of preparing the park for picnicers and baseball enthusiasts. Trees and bushes had to be trimmed so that there was a better view of the river and in time a care taker was appointed to mow the grass and keep the grounds presentable. The care taker was also given police authority to arrest anyone destroying park property or acting in inapproriate manners.

The Park Commission owns and has title to all the property on the west side of the trolly tract as far south as the northend of the oil tank property. Dr. J.R. Housel gives 3 benches to Watsontown Memorial Park [August 26, 1910] Memorial Park Association to organize on April 9, 1920.

Those serving as president of the Park Commission include:
1913 1923 1933
1914 1924 1934
1915 T.K. Smith 1925 1935

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  1. Viola Hursh Ranck Says:

    Hi, I just discovered your web-site. It’s wonderful and I look forward to reading and learning all about my home-town.
    There are two parks in Watsontown. The Eighth Street location is currently under-going major renovations, to include the removal of the black top area, known to locals as the old tennis courts. We are awaiting the arrival of a gazebo and grassy areas. This new area will dove tail nicely with the childerns play area renovated the other year.

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