Warrior Run Woman’s Club

February 13th, 2012



The Warrior Run Junior Woman’s Club was founded in 1973 by Ellen Cook. Ellen had attended a similar meeting of women while living in Lewisburg and after moving to Watsontown decided to create an outlet for other young mothers who were interested in helping the community. The club began with approximately twenty-five members. In 1982 with the membership’s median age rising the club formally dropped the “Junior” from their name. The main purpose of the organization has always been to help the community by raising funds that could in turn be used to help the community in the Warrior Run vicinity. In 1982 through the efforts of Terry Bieber, chairperson and assistance from of club members a program called Neighbors Helping Neighbors was established to help the members of the community who had lost their jobs when the trucking companies in the area layed off countless people. The club continues to support Neighbors Helping Neighbors by collecting donations of food and monetary gifts.
Those individuals who have served as President include:
Ellen Cook                     1973-1974          Linda Geise                                         1981-1993
Sue Menges                    1974-1976          Millie Kessler                                      1993-1995
Joan Holt                        1976-1978          Debra Foust                                        1995-1997
Joyce Rush                     1978-1980          Vicki Keister                                       1997-2000
Jackie Sheatler               1980-1982          Terry Bieber                                        2000-2002
Jean Gold                       1982-1984          Diana Johnson                                     2002-2003
Bev Staman                    1984-1986          Mary Forry/Twila Kurtz                      2003-2006
Pam Bower                    1986-1987          Janet Fisher/Cindy Troutman Myers   2006-2008
Jeanne Williamson         1987-1989          Alicia Curly-Catherman                      2008-2009
Dolly Westerdale           1989-1991          Julie Kessler                                        2009 –
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