Board of Trade

April 27th, 2009

In the hope that a knowledge of the objects and purpose of the Watsontown Board of Trade may bring out people to realize its importance and to assist it in the good work in which it is engaged, we print …
The Board of Trade was organized on April 23, 1886 with following directors: George W. Rombach, Isaac N. Messinger, Jacob H. Wagner, Dan C. Hogue, Wm. Brady Piatt, Wm. Field Shay, Samuel B. Morgan, Frederick H. Knight, Jacob P. Starr, Lewis C. Fosnot, Lorenzo Everitt, Joseph R. Housel, Phineas Leiser, F.H. Miller, John F. McClure, Frederick Waldschmidt, W. Griggs March, Robert Buck, Edward L. Matchin, and Henry F. Algert. The Board was incorporated on May 28, 1886.

The Board established the following standing committees: on finances of the corporation; on manufacturerers, roads, and railroads; on domestic productions and agriculture; on entertainment. Annual membership fee is set at $3,000.00 and shall meet the first Tuesday night of each month.

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