1860 Census

November 8th, 2007

The 1860 Federal Census Record for those living in Delaware Township within the Watsontown Post Office starting on page 10 and ending on 19 were enumerated by J.H. McCormick on June 27-29, 1860.

Joseph Albright, 23 was a plasterer and lived with Margret Albright, 20; David Albright, 1; Pervilla Swan, 21; and Oliver Livtzel, 21 who was a plaster apprentice.

Andrew Armstrong, 45 was a farmer and lived with Angeline Armstrong, 45; Elizabeth J. Armstrong, 18; Emma Armstrong, 16; Mary C. Armstrong, 14; James D. Armstrong, 12; Anthony Armstrong, 9; and David Armstrong, 5.

James Armstrong, 40 was a farmer and lived with Margaret Armstrong, 38; Hannah P. Armstrong, 15; Clara Armstrong, 13; Lizzy Armstrong, 11; Mary Armstrong, 9; Sam’l S. Armstrong, 8; Henry P. Armstrong, 6; Harriet Armstrong, 1; and Andrew S. Armstrong, 4.

Charles Bailor, 51 was a laborer and lived with Elizabeth Bailor, 50; Hannah Bailor, 21; and Charles Yoder, 8/12.

George Baker, 21 lived with Mary Baker, 19; Taylor Baker, 14; and John Ulrich, 21.

William Banghart, 31 was a truck farmer and lived with Caroline Banghart, 25.

Thomas Barr, 44 was a saddler and lived with Mary Barr, 33; William P. Barr, 8; Sarah E. Barr, 5; James Barr, 3; and Margaret Barr, 1.

Sam’l Baylor, 53 was a laborer and lived with Mary Baylor, 48; Ephriam Baylor, 20 who was a laborer; Francis Baylor, 16 who was a laborer; Daniel Baylor, 13; and Catharine Baylor, 9.

Joseph Bly, 24 was a sawyer and lived with Henrietta Bly, 24; Maybel Bly, 1/12; John Correl, 22 who was a sawyer; and Isabel Rank, 15 who was a domestic.

William Bryson, 26 was a farmer and lived with Mary Bryson, 24; Oliver P. Bryson, 1; and Joseph Derr, 19 who was a farm hand.

James Campbell, 60 lived with Elizabeth Campbell, 58; Sarah A. Holmes, 19; and Jacob Dunn, 23 who was a ferry man.

William Cooner, 41 was an inn keeper and lived with Eliza Cooner, 37; John Cooner, 17; Sarah Hunter, 16; Anna Cooner, 14; Henry Cooner, 12; Sam’l Cooner, 10; William Cooner, 8; James Cooner, 6; Albert Cooner, 4; Edmund Cooner, 2; D. Horatio Hunter, 25; Robert Faris, 50 who was a tailor; and Elizabeth Cooner, 64.

David Dieffenbach, 46 was a farmer and lived with Elizabeth Dieffenbach, 45; Solomon E. Dieffenbach, 19 who was a farm hand; Edmond E. Dieffenbach, 17 who was a farm hand; Mary E. Dieffenbach, 15; Charles D. Dieffenbach, 13; Rebecca Deiffenbach, 9; Caroline Dieffenbach, 7; Calvin Dieffenbach, 5; and Enna Dieffenbach, 3.

Abram Donot, 55 was a farmer and lived with Susan Donot, 50 and Caroline Barger, 47.

William Everett, 45 was a farmer and lived with Elizabeth Everett, 30.

John S. Farley, 30 was a miller and lived with Mary Farley, 26; William H. Farley, 9; Emma F. Farley, 7; Virginia C. Farley, 5; Henry Farley, 2; John Farley, 2/12; Henry Gager, 22 who was also a miller.

William H. Follmer, 28 was a lumberman and lived with Elizabeth Follmer, 24; Canel C. Follmer, 2; and Mary J. Follmer, 10/12; Sarah Wagenor, 20 who was a domestic; and Charles Shuck, 37.

Charles Fox, 40 lived with Margaret Fox, 37; William F. Fox, 14; Franklin Fox, 12; Mary Fox, 10; Jimella Fox, 8; and Anna Fox, 6.

A.T. Goodman, was a merchant and lived with Hetty Goodman, 26; Lizzie Goodman, 8; R. Comly Goodman, 3; Anne Goodman, 1; Ambrose Lamm, 19 who was a clerk; and David Bly, 21 who was also a clerk.

Sarah Haines, 50 lived with Katty A. Haines, 20.

John Hane, 25 was a farmer and lived with Emma Hane, 19; Ella Hane, 3; John Hane, 8/12; Mary Worline, 59; and Jacob Worline, 22.

Sam’l Hartranft, 31 was a farmer and lived with Elizabeth Hartranft, 24; Horace Hartranft, 2; and Oscar Hartranft, 10/12.

Charles Hartzel, 50 was a laborer and lived with Leah Hartzel, 38 and Lydia A. Hartzel, 27.

Enos Hilliard, 32 was a clerk and lived with Hannah Hilliard, 32; Mary E. Hilliard, 9; Albert Hilliard, 7; Simon Hilliard, 5; William Hilliard, 3; Oliver Hilliard, 2/12; and Lyvinus Hilliard, 24 who was a laborer.

Peter Hine, 54 was a canal foreman and lived with Sarah Hine, 45; Angeline Hine, 23 and Amelia Hine, 21.

Joseph Hogue, 49 was a merchant and lived with Sarah Hogue, 36; Dan. C. Hogue, 16; Davis Hogue, 6; Edmond B. Hogue, 3; Catharine Huff, 15; and Matilda Black, 23 who was a domestic.

Joseph Holopeter, 37 was a lumberman and lived with Susan Holopter, 39; Sam’l M. Holopter, 12 and Harriet Shaffer, 22.

Wilson Hutchison, 58 was a farmer and lived with Esther Hutchison, 50; Joseph G. Hutchison, 19; Robert C. Hutchison, 18; Margaret E. Hutchison, 17; Jane M. Hutchison, 15; twins: John W. and Rebecca H. Hutchison, 9; James D. Hutchison, 7; Sarah A. Hutchison, 3; and James Hutchison, 50.

David E. Irwin, 31 was a farmer and lived with Margaret E. Irwin, 25; Frank N. Irwin, 5; William Irwin, 3; and Laura Irwin, 1.

Sarah Kelchner, 57 lived with Octavia Kelchner, 20; Mary A. Kelchner, 18; and Gertrude Kelchner, 15.

Gabriel Kline, 56 lived with Lydia Kline, 50; Caroline Kline, 24; Mary Kline, 14; Hannah Kline, 11; David Kline, 16 who was a boatman; John Kline, 8; Emma Kline, 6; and Simon Amens, 25 who was a laborer.

David Koons, 35 lived with Emeline Koons, 33.

Daniel S. Kramer, 25 lived with Rachael Kramer, 26; Charles E. Kramer, 2; John A. Kramer, 1; Wm. F. Berger, 24 who was a carpenter; Lack Yagle, 23 who was also a carpenter born in New York; and Isaac Shaffer, 26 who too was a carpenter.

Simon Lantz, 46 was a farmer and lived with Harriet Lantz, 37; Carvintha C. Lantz, 16; Simon G. Lantz, 4; and Daniel Fry Lantz, 10.

Jacob Libert, 44 was a laborer and lived with Elizabeth Libert, 45; John Libert, 15; Margaret Libert, 11; George Libert, 10; William Libert, 8; and Robert Libert, 3.

David Leiser, 25 lived with George A. Leiser, 2; Anna M. Leiser, 1; Mary Starr, 13; John Dewalt, 13; J. Machamer, 16 who was a apprentice shoemaker; and Rebecca Leiser, 26.

John Leiser, 49 was a farmer and lived with Moria Leiser, 36; Abraham Leiser, 22 who was a farm hand; Jacob Leiser, 20 who was a farm hand; Emeline Leiser, 14; Lavina Leiser, 12; John Bishop, 19; Isabella Thompson, 9; and Jacob Sutanaster, 35 who was born in Switzerland.

Benevill Linebach, 38 was a farmer and lived with Martha Linebach, 23; Henry Linebach, 14; Sarah Linebach, 13; Emma Linebach, 10; twins: Franklin and Erastus Linebach, 8; William Mc. Linebach, 5; Ada Linebach, 3; Florence Linebach, 7/12; Charles Rupel, 22; and James Marshall, 26.

Joseph Long, 48 was a farmer and lived with Elizabeth Long, 46; George A. Long, 21; Joseph Long, 17; Susan Long, 15; Sam’l Long, 12; and Mary Taranson, 20 who was a domestic.

Geo. C. McKee, 54 was a farmer and lived with Mary A. McKee, 46; Esther McKee, 25; James McKee, 23; Jane McKee, 20; Mary McKee, 16; Sally McKee, 11; Robert McKee, 9; and George McKee, 7.

Frank McWilliams, 30 lived with Mary McWilliams, 17.

Philip McWilliams, 40 was a farmer and lived with Hetty McWilliams, 45; David McWilliams, 22 who was a laborer; Caroline McWilliams, 19; Jane McWilliams, 17; Thomas McWilliams, 15; Philip McWilliams, 13; Christiana McWilliams, 11; Ellen McWilliams, 9; Robert McWilliams, 7; James McWilliams, 4.

Andrew Miller, 36 was a blacksmith and lived with Phebe A. Miller, 36; William Robison, 23 who was an apprentice blacksmith; Hannah E. Mellick, 18; Phoebe Vancleave, 73 who was born in New Jersey; and Joseph Melich, 1/12. Andrew and Phebe Miller were mulatto.

William Miller, 59 was a laborer and lived with Mary Miller, 72; Hannah Kline, 10; John B. Miller, 3; and John Bower, 73.

Sam’l Muffley, 30 was a farmer and lived with Charlotte Muffley, 30; Anna M. Muffley, 9; Mary Muffley, 4; Albert Muffley, 2; Henry Fisher, 15 who was a farm laborer; and Rank Medard, 10.

Margaret Murray, 76 was born in Ireland and lived with Thomas Murray, 27 who was a laborer; and Syrenus Murray, 37 who was a boatman.

Charles Page, 27 was a laborer and lived with Mary A. Page, 19; Elijah Page, 1; and Sarah C. Page, 6/12.

Charles Rabert, 34 was a farmer and lived with Sarah Rabert, 34; Sarah Rabert, 12; Sam’l Rabert, 10; Elvira Rabert, 7; Alvaretta Rabert, 3.

John Ritter, 57 was a tanner and lived with Elizabeth Ritter, 57; Thomas Ritter, 13; Mary V. Ritter, 10; and Sarah C. Ritter, 4.

Benjamin Ruch, 44 was a blacksmith and lived with Hannah Ruch, 54; Sarah Ruch, 16; and Amos A. Ruch, 19.

George Runyan, 40 was a laborer and lived with Mary J. Runyan, 39; Emma C. Runyan, 16; Irena H. Runyan, 13; Robert W. Runyan, 9; and twins Florence and Joseph Runyan, 7.

Sam’l Sees, 50 was a farmer and lived with Elizabeth M. Hutchison, 51; William Hutchison, 25; Caroline Hutchison, 13; Mary E. Hutchison, 11; Mary Hutchison, 60.

John B. Shadel, 38 was a shoemaker and lived with Alena Shadel, 43.

Peter Shaffer, 61 lived with Christianna Shaffer, 34; William Shaffer, 8; Emma Shaffer, 3; and Elizabeth Carr, 15 who was a domestic born in Ireland.

John Smith, 62 was a farmer and surveyor and lived with Nancy Smith, 60; and Elancer Smith, 66.

Reuben Snyder, 28 was a laborer and lived with Sarah Snyder, 24; Abraham Snyder, 3; and Daniel W. Snyder, 1.

Sarah Staffen, 41 lived with Susanna Staffen, 8; Daniel Marsh, 23 who was a farmer; and Lloyd Sensabach, 12.

John Starr, 53 was a rail road agent and lived with Sarah L. Starr, 49; Ellen Starr, 23; Jacob P. Starr, 21 who was a clerk; Rebecca B. Starr, 17; Charles E. Starr, 15; and Henrietta Starr, 10.

Charles Steckel, 33 was a wagon maker and lived with Margaret Steckel, 31; Elizabeth A. Steckel, 5; William E. Steckel, 1.

Nathaniel Sterner, 32 was a carpenter and lived with Lucinda Sterner, 25; Abraham S. Sterner, 5; Jenetta Sterner, 3; Priscilla A. Sterner, 1; David Lesc, 23 who was a shoemaker; and Sarah Scott, 14.

Sam’l Stover, 41 was a laborer and lived with Martha J. Stover, 39; Charles A. Stover, 10; Mary R. Stover, 13; and Miner H. Stover, 4.

Abraham Strickland, 51 was a laborer and lived with Margaret Strickland, 48; Mary C. Strickland, 22; and William Strickland, 21.

Charles Strouse, 51 was a carpenter and lived with Elizabeth Strouse, 51; and Susannah Strouse, 12.

David Tease, 52 was a clerk and lived with Rachael Tease, 41; Sam’l Tease, 4; Sally Mackey, 9 and Margaret Mackey, 26 who was a domestic.

John L. Watson, 58 was a farmer and lived with Elizabeth Watson, 50; Albert Watson, 22 who was a farmer; and Rebecca Wagner, 40 who was a domestic.

Barbara Ween, 12 who was born in Wittenburg lived with George Border, 42 who was a boatman; and Miller Border, 40 who was a laborer.

Henry T. Wertman, 22 was a blacksmith and lived with Mary Wertman, 22; Charles W. Wertman, 2; Mary Boyer, 30; Catharine Fry, 30; and Levi Strouse, 12.

Robert Wertman, 26 was a carpenter and lived with Mary E. Wertman, 22; William Wertman, 6; Ada J. Wertman, 3; and Anna M. Wertman, 3/12.

Aaron Wolff, 35 was a farmer and lived with Catharine Wolff, 37; Miller Wolff, 11; Emma Wolff, 8; Alida Wolff, 2, Warren W. Wolff, 3/12; Anna Runyan, 19; William Shoemaker, 21 who was a farm hand; and Nathanl Foreman, 25 who was also a farm hand.

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    This website is wonderful! Thank you for your labor of love. My family just let me know about it. If you need — or find! — anything about the Starrs, Housels, Robbinses, or Heftys, please let my family know! We’d love to participate however we can. I have the Starr and Housel family Bibles in my possession here in California now, and my mother has all the Robbins general store ledgers. The Housel one Bible has photos of J.R. Housel (I believe) with his trumpet; he played in the Civil War.

    All the best to you from my family.

    Andrew Wolfe

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