Leiser, P.

July 15th, 2007

Phineas Lieser 1843-1910

Phineas Lieser was born on January ?, 1843 in Union County to Jacob and Dinah Leiser and was one of nine children.  

Phineas served from August 1862 to May 1863 as a private in the Union Army, Company B, 131 Pennsylvania Infantry.

According to the Voters List of 1868, Phineas was a tenant living in Watsontown.  Phineas was elected as inspector of elections in 1872 and 1875 and as overseer in 1873 and 1874. In 1875 Silas Rambach was elected Chief Burgess, but declined to serve.  A special election was held on March 13, 1875 at which time Mr. Leiser was elected Chief Burgess. During his administration an ordinance was passed taxing owners of dogs and another one prohibiting ball playing in the streets. A second hose cart was purchased and additional 500 feet of hose. The three lots at the corner of Eighth and Elm Streets were purchased for $1,200 (future site of the Eighth Street School). The Hope Hose Fire Company placed the first fire bell in the tower of their new building (this would be used to help usher in the one hundredth anniversary of American Independence). In 1877 Mr. Leiser was elected Judge of Elections. In 1882 he was elected assistant assessor. In 1883 he was elected to council.  In 1900, Phineas served as Justice of the Peace and was a member of the Republican party.

In 1874 Phineas married Sara Henrietta, b. October 1850.  They had the following children: Nellie, b. 1875; Edna, b. July 1879; George Phineas, b. Febraury 13, 1884; William Albert, b. December 19, 1886; and Lucia, b. April 11, 1889 (there were two other children – one having died before 1900).  Mr. Leiser was a member of Watsontown Lodge No. 401 having been raised to Master Mason on August 9, 1871 and where he served as worshipful Master in 1884. He was suspended on December 13, 1899 and restored on March 14, 1900 and was suspended again on December 6, 1905.  Mr. Leiser died in July 1910. His wife Henrietta died in 1934.  They are buried at Watsontown Cemetery.

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