Martin, J.I.

August 11th, 2009


John Ira Martin was born on October 11, 1874, the tenth child of thirteen born to John and Rebecca Martin.  John’s family were farmers in Dickinson Township, Cumberland County, PA.

In 1900 John married Mary Roberta Martin, b. 1877.  John and Mary had two sons: Donald E., b. 1902; and Harold I., b. 1911.  Donald graduated from Watsontown High School in 1919 and married Maxine.  In 1924, John and Mary became grandparents.  In 1926 Donald died and their daughter-in-law and grandson, Donald E., lived with them at their home, 318 Elm Street.  Harold graduated from Watsontown High School in 1928.

John served as principal of Watsontown High School from 1908 to 1924.

John was elected Chief Burgess on November 3, 1925 and served from 1926 to 1929, having been sworn in on January 4, 1926.  Mr. Martin resigned on December 2, 1929 one month prior to his term coming to an end.

John and Mary’s grandson, Donald E. Martin, graduated from Watsontown High School in 1941.  John died in 1947 and Mary died in 1963.  They are both buried at Watsontown Cemetery.

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