Charter of Incorp.

October 3rd, 2007

In the matter of the Incorporation of Watsontown into a Borough.
Among the Records of the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the County of Northumberland, it is thus contained, to wit:
To the Honorable Alexander Jordan and his Associate Judges of the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the County of Northumberland, at the August Session, A.D. 1867:
The petition of the undersigned, including among our number a majority of the Freeholders of property holders residing in Watsontown in the County of Northumberland, respectfully represents:
That on account of the large increase of the population and business of said town, and in order to develop and improve the same, your petitioners are desirous of having said town set apart and separate from the township of Delaware in said county, and incorporated into a Borough, under the style and title of “The Borough of Watsontown,” bounded and limited as follows, to wit:
Beginning at the West Branch of the Susquehanna river, at the corner of lands of Silas Rombach, thence along his line between his land and lands of Rev. Gearhart and Joseph Hollopeter, south eighty-nine degrees, east one hundred and forty-nine perches to a walnut tree; thence through lands of said Silas Rombach, John Foresman and George C. McKee, north sixty-nine degrees, east one hundred and sixty perches to an apple tree; thence through lots of William Kirk, Mr. Marsh and Mr. Burns, south eight and one half degrees, west one hundred and fifty-four perches to a post; thence through lots of Joseph Everitt, Winterstein, Patton and Chamberlin and Pardee, south five and one-half degrees, east seventy-six perches to a pine; thence along the line of the Cemetery and through lands of Schaeffer and Star and of Ario Pardee, south eighteen and one-half degrees, east one hundred and ninety-nine perches to a post; thence through lands of said Ario Pardee, south sixty-seven and one-half degrees, west forty-eight perches to the said river; thence up the said West Branch of the Susquehanna river to the place of beginning. A plot or draft whereof is hereto added.
Your petitioners, therefore, pray your Honorable Court that the said town be incorporated into a Borough and a charter granted according to the Act of Assembly in such case made and provided. And they will ever pray, ets.
(Here follows a plot or draft and names of petitioners.) Entered No. 110, August Session, 1867.

We, the Grand Jury, certify that it is expedient to grant the prayer of the within petitioners.
Peter H. Snyder, Foreman.
November 4, 1867
Judgment of the Grand Jury affirmed ~ A.J.

November 4, 1867. The Court directs the Borough of Watsontown to be a separate election and school district, and that an election of borough officers be held on the 16th day of November, A.D. 1867, between the hours of 2 and 6 o’clock P.M. notice of which is to be given by Joseph Hollopeter of said town by 10 handbills, posted up in the most public places in the Borough.
And that the election be held in the lower room of the Academy building.
And that the annual and borough elections be held at the place aforesaid at the same time and between the same hours that the annual spring elections for electing Inspector of Elections are held as established by the general election laws. And the Court directs the general election to be held at the same place as above directed for holding the borough elections. And the Court appoints John Orr Judge to hold the first election, and John W. Ellis and Daniel S. Kramer Inspectors of said election, with power to select clerks. The said Joseph Hollopter to serve all notices.
A. Jordan, P.J.

Recorded November 5, 1867 in the Recorder’s Office in Deed Book No. 52, pages 78, 79 and 80.

[cited: First Minute Book 1867-1888, Watsontown Borough Council, pges 1-3]

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