Myers, C.O.

August 12th, 2009


Charles Oscar Myers was born on January 29, 1881 in Watsontown, Northumberland County the son of William B. and Elizabeth Myers.  His father was a day laborer and Charles was 21 according to the 1900 Census Records.

In 1905 Charles married Charella Snoddy.  She was born on March 15, 1884, the daughter of Charles T. and R. Ella Snoddy.  Charles and Charella moved to Danville where Charles became a moulder at the Stove Works and later became foreman of the foundry by 1930.  They had two children: Charles S., b. 1908; and Florence D., b. 1912.  The Myers’ family moved to 902 Elm Street and had joined First Presbyterian Church on February 19, 1939. 

Charles O. Myers was elected Chief Burgess on November 8, 1949 and was sworn in on January 1, 1950.  Charles served as Chief Burgess until his death in September 1954.  He was the third Chief Burgess to die in office. 

After her husband’s death, Mrs. Myers moved to New York City where she joined the Baptist Church on January 11, 1957.  She died in June 1979.  They are both buried at Watsontown Cemetery.  Mr. Myers was a member of Watsontown Lodge No. 401 having transferred there on April 1, 1941 from Lodge No. 516. 

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