Class of 1957

May 9th, 2009

Senior Class Officers: William Derr, president; Kenneth Small, vice president; Donna Knopp, secretary; Beverly Kilgus, treasurer; Miss Kathryn E. Klingman, class advisor. [table “109” not found /]
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  1. Jack Aunkst Says:

    William E. Ferguson was missed from the list of class members

    Comment by James Robison: Thank you very much – indeed I missed it in typing and am trying to correct the mistake – computer technology is great when you understand it, and will try to figure out how to go in and make the appropriate correction. It is important that more people point out errors that are in need of correction so that this work can be as comprehensive and accurate as possible for future generations. Thank you again for taking the time to respond.


    I have updated info on this class


    I have updated info fore this class

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