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The Warrior Run Royal Arch Chapter, No. 246 was instituted on May 9, 1874 with the following charter members: Robert B. Claxton, Oscar Foust, James Taylor, Jacob H. Wagner, John R. Cooner, Fred H. Knight, R. Curry McWilliams, and Henry F. Bailey. The first officers were Robert B. Claxton, Jr., most excellent high priest; Oscar Foust, king; James Taylor, scribe; Frederick H. Knight, secretary; and Jacob H. Wagner, treasurer. The Chapter asked permission to meet in the Masonic Lodge and permission was granted at the cost of $50 per year.

Post Commanders
Frederick A. Reen1881S.R. Averill18971913
Lewis C. Fosnot1882William L. Baker18981914
Orlando F. Benson1883Lewis C. Fosnot18991915
James Cummings1884Joel R. Messinger19001916
William H. Kline1885James Zettlemoyer1901William L. Baker1917
Jacob H. Wagner1886Frederick A. Reen19021918
Joseph R. Housel1887I.W. Long19031919
John R. Cooner1888M. Oliver Eilert1904William L. Baker1920
William L. Baker1889Samuel B. Morgan19051921
Thomas H. Kisner1890Samuel B. Morgan19061922
Simon G. Stadler1891George G. Kilmer1907William L. Baker1923
William D. Moyer1892John P. Zimmerman1908William L. Baker1924
Isaac N. Messinger18931909William L. Baker1925
George P. Straub1894S. Wilson Riddell1910William L. Baker1926
Samuel B. Morgan189519111927
Alfred Diehl189619121928

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