Everitt, L.

July 15th, 2007

Lorenzo G. Everitt 1857 -1897

Lorenzo G. Everitt was born in 1857 in Orange Township, Columbia County, PA to Enoch and Catherine Everitt. The family moved to Watsontown sometime between 1860 and 1868.  According to the 1860 Federal Census Records, Enoch and Martha C. had two other children at that time: Elsie I., b. 1854; and George,  b. 1859.  They lived in Orangeville with Enoch’s parents, James and Mary Everitt.  George and Elsie must have died prior to the move to Watsontown.  It was in Watsontown that Catherine gave birth to Agnes in 1869.

Lorenzo worked as an attorney and conducted an insurance business with Oscar Foust at his office on Main Street above Front Street.  He was a member of Watsontown Lodge No. 401 being raised to Master Mason on May 11, 1881 and serving as Worshipful Master from 1889 to 1890. Lorenzo served as Chief Burgess from 1887 to 1888 and again in 1897. Mr. Everitt died on October 30, 1897 while serving as Chief Burgess — the second Chief Burgess to die in office.

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