Business Directories

April 23rd, 2012


Business directories developed before the widespread use of telephones. These directories were used to provide directions to potential customers to locate and patronize businesses.


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  1. Elizabeth Summers Says:

    What a great find. Thank you so much for this extensive amount of work.
    That said, I have a question about the shoe factory. I have gleaned from your posting of the 1880 census that there were a minimum of 14 employees there. What can you tell me about the shoe factory, or is there a source you can direct me to?
    My family ancestors were Germans named Dombrowski and an Austrian named Wolnski. My great grandfather Joseph Wolnski, a shoemaker, stated in his naturalization petition that he intended to live in Watsontown. But I cannot find him there. His wife, Emma Dombrowski, lived in Watsontown and her parents, Rudolph and Julia, are buried there.
    I just can’t figure out how Joseph chose Watsontown. It seems relatively small. But clearly had a large shoe business there.

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