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Surg. H.D. HUNTER CAMP, 225
After the former failure to maintain a Camp in Watsontown, a number of individual made another attempt to organize with the creation of the Surg. H.D. Hunter Camp, 225 on March 2, 1896 with a membership of thirty-one. The following officers were installed: J.C. Gibson, captain; E.D. Fisher, first lieutenant; F.O. Sanders, second lieutenant; James Zettlemoyer, first sergeant; Roy Messinger, Q.M. sergeant; Jos. Ulrich, chaplain; Perry Krisher, color sergeant; Fred. Lesher, musician; H.D. Krisher, sergeant of the guards; John Batdorf, corporal of the guard; Robert Gray, camp guard; George Seriff, picket guard; and members of the camp council – H.C. Krisher, Charles Werner, Daniel Kemble. During that first year a dozen new members joined. 
On March 3, 1897 the Sons of Veterans celebrated the first anniversary of the organization of their camp in Watsontown. After the main speakers there were short talks made by Comrades Averill, Baker, Messinger, Fosnot, and Reen interspersed with music by the Mandolin Club, a vocal duet by Jud. Diehl and W. H. Pedigo, and a solo by Jud. Diehl. The evening concluded with a most excellently prepared paper on the history and work of the Camp, read by Ed. Godcharles, who supplemented the paper with interesting remarks on kindred points. The singing of “Marching through Georgia” and the “Army Bean” closed a most pleasant evening. 
The aims and objects of the organization were to promote and maintain the fundamental principles of the order – Friendship, Charity, and Loyalty. As the legitimate successors of the Grand Army the Sons of Veterans perpetuate the principles and teachings of the Grand Army – hence the importance of proper guidance and instruction and the inculcation of right methods and principles which lead to honorable and patriotic pursuits.
It seems the membership dwindled and the encampment eventually mustered into the S.B. Morgan Camp #225 Sons of Veterans in July 1905 with its past commanders being treated with the same honor as the past commanders of the S.B. Morgan Camp.
1896    J.C.G. Gibson
1897    D.C. Kemble
1898    C.E. Werner
1899    E.D. Fisher
Cited: Record and Star, March 5, 1897, pg 8
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