Class of 1974

July 11th, 2010

President: Deborah Ruth Cotner
Vice President: Edward Ramer McCollin
Secretary: Stephanie Jo Snook
Treasurer: Deborah Diane Jumbelic
Class Advisors: Douglas R. McRoberts
Graduation Date: Wednesday, May 29, 1974
Number of Class Members: 156
Class Colors: Gold and Blue
Class Flower: Yellow Rose
Class Song: Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce
Barry Michael Anderson, Heather Anne Auten, Harry Franklin Bachman, Judy Lee Baker, Cathy Jean Batchelder, Tina Marie Morgan Batchelder, David Miller Becker, Sharon Louise Bickhart, William Allen Bieber, Cheryl Ann Bigger, Shelly Ann Bingaman, Edward Lee Bogart, Marty Ray Braim, Nancy Louise Brink, Evelyn Harriet Bucher, Jeffery Lee Budd, Tina Kay Heywood Byers, Ronald Larue Cochran, John David Craven, Harold Ralph Crawford Jr., Nancy Ann Cutchall, Sheree Marie Deitrick, David Eugene Delcamp, Michael Daniel Dewald, Mona L. Fisher, Bruce William Foreman, James Dale Foresman Jr., Thomas Clark Fowler, Karen Anne Frantz, Michael Carl Frey, Tracey Jayne Frey, Beth Ann Fruit, Scott Lehman Funk, Dorothy Ann Gardner, Karen Lea Geiger, Scott Edwin Gelnett, Elaine Genevieve Greiff, Sue Ann Gross, Luther Allan Gutshall, Sharon Kay Haas, Erwin Wendell Hartman, John Franklin Hauck III, Karen Nadene Hauck, Linda Jane Heater, Ralph Carl Heater, Douglas Guy Heddings, Kathy R. Heintzelman, Sharon Elaine Hertzler, Judy Elaine Rupert Hill, Mary Ann Houser, Paul Richard Huffman Jr., Jeffrey Dale Hursh, Jo Ann Johnson, Michael Delroy Johnson, Rose M. Keiser, Gene LaRue Kilgus, Diane Marie Kirkner, Glenn Edward Krick, Gloria Jean Krick, Jane Ann Kuykendall, Daryl Eugene Landis, Karen Louise Lapp, Wanda Arlene Leighow, Wilma Ilene Leighow, Sandra Lee Lindauer, Rodney Lane Lyons, Gaye Ann Mathias, Stephen Lawrence Matters, David Leroy McCarty, Debra Powers McCarty, Donald Wendell McCollum, Patricia Irene McCollum, Linda Jean McWilliams, Gary Lee Michael, Stephen Paul Michael, Vicki Ann Michael, Janice Arlene Miller, Thomas Drew Miller, David Sanford Minier, Steven Dennis Moll, William Earl Moll, Joyce Ann Moore, William Dennison Moore, William Russell Moore Jr., David Earle Mordon, David Richard Moser, James Richard Mutschler, Glenda Marie Myers, Deborah Ann Newcomer, Christopher Jan Nicolosi, Debra Charlene Pardoe, Susan Paulson, Sharon Louise Pfleegor, William Bruce Phillips, Curtis Eugene Plotts, Lisa Kay Plymette, Philip David Printzenhoff, Robert Eugene Pursel, Robert Eugene Ranck, Albert Charles Randall Jr., Richard Lee Rice, Helen Louise Robb, Rose Marie Robbins, Herman Taylor Rovenolt, John Calvin Rovenolt, Valerie Ellen Rovenolt, Michael James Runkle, Theresa Ann Runkle, Leslie Earl St. James, David Franklin Sampsell, Scott Eugene Schooley, David William Sharr, Timothy Allen Sherman, Gary Wayne Shoemaker, Dena Kay Smith, Steven William Smith, Terry Eugene Snoddy, Elaine Ellen Snyder, Franklin P. Stahl, Dona Lynne Stahlnecker, Kathy Lee Stephens, Michael Jeffrey Stevenson, Randy Eugene Strassner, Myrna Ennette Straub, Douglas Allen Strouse, Kathy Geree Stutzman, Harry W. Sunanday II, Mirja Liisa Suurimaa, Cathy Eileen Temple, Lois Jeanne Teufel, David Leon Thomas, Gary G. Thompson, John Leroy Treibley, Glenda Lou Trivelpiece, Renee Louise Trutt, Joann Louise Wagner, Robin Jane Walker, William John Waltman, Nancy Sue Watson, Mary Elizabeth Webb, Brenda Kay Weigold, Debra Lee Welliver, Diane Mae Welliver, Jerry Lee Wertz, Sharon Kay Whitmoyer, Roberta Yvonne Allabach Willow, Jeffrey Scott Wolford, Melody Dawn Yoder, William Boyd Yoder, Deborah Ann Zarr, Karen Sue Zeyn.

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  1. Bill Yoder Says:

    please contact me

    Comment by James Robison: Bill, in response to you question you sent me via e-mail (I was so surprised to see the site. What a great thing for the town and for the schools. Thanks for all the hard work that went into this. Is there anyway to contact people in the classes through the website? ~ W. Yoder) the only way to make contact with people in the classes is by word of mouth and letting people know about the website and checking comments such as yours and wait for others to see the comments and respond if they wish.

  2. Karen zarr | Jloxterman Says:

    […] Class of 1974 | MyWatsontown – Watsontown PA […]

  3. Kathy L. Edinger (nee Stephens) Says:

    Jim, As someone who has spent years researching her family tree, I would like to thank you for the time and hard work that you have put into this. I have a copy of the photo book that was published for the Watsontown Centennial in 1967. I grew up on Brimmer Ave. and have many fond memories of how we all knew one another. Our parents didn’t have to worry about where we were either. What a wonderful, innocent time it was.

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