Class of 1959

July 11th, 2010

President: Bruce Elton Zettlemoyer
Vice President: Jack Arthur Dildine
Secretary: Patricia Ann Criswell
Treasurer: Audrey Mae Mincemoyer
Class Advisors: Kathryn Klingman and John Corman
Graduation Date: Wednesday, June 3, 1959
Number of Class Members: 93
Class Colors: Blue and White

Betty Jane Aikey, Vera Marie Auker, Pauline Dian Aunkst, Thomas Boyd Aunkst, Sarah Lerine Bachman, Patsy Jean Baker, Helen Elizabeth Balliet, Bonnie Jean Barrett, Mary Lou Benfer, Norma Jean Betz, JoAnn Biddle, Lawrence Edward Bieber, John Leonard Burrows, Christine Ann Cole, Virginia Leah Colley, Dale Eugene Conard, Terry Lee Conner, Geraldine A. Cotner, Larry Lester Cotner, Nancy Caroline Cotner, Patricia Ann Criswell, Larry Arthur Diehl, Jack Arthur Dildine, Joann Louise Dye, Stephen Francis Ellis, Karole Roselee Fletcher, Sandra Bea Frederick, George Richard Fry Jr., Homer Auman Gardner, Virginia Ella Gray, Shirley A. Graybill, Barbara C. Hagenbuch, Norman Edward Hagenbuch Jr., James Harvey Hill, Maxann Louise Hitesman, John Bachman Hoffman, Francis Larue Homan, Joann Rebecca Horn, Lewis Alvin Houser, John Howard Hoy Jr., Thomas Craig Iredell, Donald J. Karnes, Ronald Lee Keiser, Richard Galen Kemble, Kathryn Pauline Leiser, Raymond Edward Lewis, Franklin H. Lundy, Connie Lou Lupold, Ernest Llewellyn Lynn, Kenneth L. McCarty, Edna Mae McCollin, Theodore Russell Menges, Audrey Mae Mincemoyer, JoAnn Mincemoyer, Fredrick H. Mingle, Evelyn Donna Moll, Jane Karen Moser, Walter Cleveland Mosser, Nancy Lou Nicholas, Alvin Samuel Pawling, John Hartman Persing, Ronald F. Pfleegor, Janet Ruth Pulsifer, Carter Wayne Rake, Carol Lee Rea, Suzanne Fay Reaser, Gerald Edmond Reese, Carol Yvonne Renner, Donna Jean Reynolds, Kathryn Louise Rickert, Darlene Jane Robbins, Robert Hayes Schaeffer, Sandra Jane Shade, Kathleen Louise Sherman, William R. Shultz, Mary Arlyn Shurtz, Arthur H. Shutt Jr., Daniel Maurice Smith, Edna Mae Staggert, Betty Lou Strickland, Joseph Patrick Thouvenot, Charles Frederick Truckenmiller, Donald Lee Ulrich, Carl Wilbert Vognet, Clyde William Walck, Edna Faye Watson, Stanley R. Williams, Nancy Lee Wuestner, Marilyn Louise Yost, Carol Jean Young, Ralph Oscar Young Jr., Bruce Elton Zettlemoyer

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3 Responses

  1. Don Rickert Says:

    Hi Jenadelle!
    What did you do with all the student lists from ‘59 to ‘72 while you worked at the High School???

  2. Kevi Kelleher Says:

    I am looking for Stanley Williams. His Father was a friend of my Dad’s and I would like to contact him. Thank you, Kevin Kelleher-215-603-8932

  3. Brian Kelleher Says:

    I am trying to track down the family of a Stanley Williams from Watsontown. I believe my father at age 2 was sent to Watsontown in 1920 in order to avoid the Spanish Flu epidemic. Based upon a photo I saw this weekend, I believe he may have stayed with the Williams family, as the picture, taken in about 1920, had my then 2 year old father and a boy of about 15 years old in it. On the back of the picture was written “Stanley Willliams.” I see in the 1920 US Census, there was a boy of about 15 named “Stanley Williams” in Watsontown. We are trying to fill in the blanks in my father’s life. Thank you.

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